Four-04: Chapter not found (yet)
by Benz

I think that it might be a bit before 04 comes out, everyone. Still working on page 2. For some reason. Most of that work time has been spent researching these big strong people and working out what that translates to for the specifics of the comic. And due to... um... reasons... that's been going a bit slower than I want it to.


So I'm putting the comic on the side for now, I guess you can say.

Tiny important site update
by Benz

Due to today's comic pushing the "latest" button to another line, I've decided to get rid of the archive dropdown all together. Don't worry, you can still go through the archive to look at all the strips, and I might put an archive button on the bottom bar in between "Previous" and "Next" soon in place of the dropdown.

About the lack of updates recently
by Benz

You guys might've noticed that I haven't posted JRLR on its regular schedule too much recently. I'm out of buffer and I'm trying to get more done so I can have something to show you for the next update on Saturday. I'm not making any promises, but I hope we can just move on with this. It's kinda hard to let down my valued readership like this. I have many things I do and I'm trying to make headway in all of them. But it's hard... and many content creators like me know that. So just bear with me.

New font -- again
by Benz

The Dosis wasn't working out so I'm using Open Sans now.

New update schedule
by Benz

You may have noticed the new update schedule already, but here's a blog post about it:


Okay, I'm out.