About the lack of updates recently
by Benz

You guys might've noticed that I haven't posted JRLR on its regular schedule too much recently. I'm out of buffer and I'm trying to get more done so I can have something to show you for the next update on Saturday. I'm not making any promises, but I hope we can just move on with this. It's kinda hard to let down my valued readership like this. I have many things I do and I'm trying to make headway in all of them. But it's hard... and many content creators like me know that. So just bear with me.

New font -- again
by Benz

The Dosis wasn't working out so I'm using Open Sans now.

New update schedule
by Benz

You may have noticed the new update schedule already, but here's a blog post about it:


Okay, I'm out.

Taking a break
by Benz

By the way guys, we're just taking a break from posting. We should be back posting soon.

Missed updates
by Benz

I've been really busy and have now missed seven updates this month. I wanna warn you that it's gonna be a little more sporadic from now on with the updates until I can get another good buffer going.